Monday, April 23

"Live" Tweeting the General Strike

Now live-tweeting the events of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike at @1919wpgstrike

I've been wondering what to do about this blog that's been pretty much dormant for a couple of years. During that time a lot of text and image links have broken, some formatting issues have crept in and I've found a few embarrassing grammatical errors, (most of these were written after midnight !)

A new (and bad) Blogger interface means that if I open a post to make changes the formatting, especially line breaks and text fonts, go crazy, so going through an updating all of the posts would take longer than it would to start from scratch. What I have decided to do instead is live-tweet the events starting in late April 2012.

It will help bring the content back to life and allows me to comb through and fix the worst of the posts.

If you're on "the twitters" stay tuned to @1919wpgstrike ! After a few test-tweets things will start up soon !

For web links to strike resources check this link !

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