Friday, March 13

March 13, 1919

The three-day Western Labour Conference begins in Calgary.

The main item discussed was the creation of "One Big Union." 

It was supported by many labour leaders as amalgamating all workers under one umbrella would allow for greater bargaining power and strike impact. 

It was a controversial proposal. Of course, the business community and government did not did not like the idea of an "all or nothing" labour force. Even within labour, there were many who were fiercely loyal to their respective trade unions and did not want to give them up.

On the first day of the conference R. J. Johns of Winnipeg, chairman of the policy committee, introduced a series of resolutions for the creation of O.B.U.. 

It was decided that workers would vote in June as to whether they wanted to join or not.

An advance issue of the Western Labour News was published on April 4, 1919 containing the conferences report of proceedings.

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