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Winnipeg General Strike Links

There are, of course, hundreds of on-line resources dealing with the Winnipeg General Strike. I will continue to update this list as I go along. The “General Strike Link" button in my sidebar will guide you to the updated post.

The Strike on the Web (Great Link !)
Manitoba Historical Society
The Canadian Encyclopedia
Peel's Prairie Provinces
Victoria Park 1919

Audio / Visual

Remembering the Winnipeg General Strike (CBC - Audio 3:11)
On Strike. The Winnipeg General Strike, 1919 (NFB - Video 19:46)
Lost Dreams (NFB Video 5:23)
Mike's Bloody Saturday (MTS On Demand)

Papers and Articles

1919 The Canadian Labour Revolt” by G.S. Kealey, Labour/Le Travail 13 (Spring 1984)

Breaking the Mirror: Reflections on ‘Winnipeg 1919: A City in Crisis, a 75th Anniversary Exhibition on the Winnipeg General Strike’” by Claudine Majzels, Manitoba History, Number 28, Autumn 1994 (for PDF)
Prairie Fire: The Winnipeg General Strike” by Kurt Korneski, Labour/ Le Travail, 45 (Spring 2000) PDF

"Women and the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919” By Mary Horodyski, Manitoba History, Number 11, Spring 1986

"What Socialists Learned from the Winnipeg General Strike" by Ian Angus, The Socialist History Project

"The Third Force: Returned Soldiers in the Winnipeg General Strike" by Udak Idiong, Manitoba History, No. 34, Autumn 2007

"Brandon, 1919: Labour and Industrial Relations in the Wheat City in the Year of the General Strike" Manitoba History, Number 17, Spring 1989

"History of the Winnipeg Police Force. Part Three: The Roaring Twenties"

"William R. Plewman and the Toronto Star" Dupuis
"Revolution in Winnipeg" Hugh Grant

Series by Bruce Cherney in the Real Estate News:
- Part One: "A Living Wage"
- Part Two: Returned Soldiers
- Part Three: Bloody Saturday


"Confrontation at Winnipeg" by Jay Bercuson

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