Wednesday, June 10

Tuesday, 10 June 1919

Here's what it looked like on the streets of Winnipeg today. The dismissal of the police force has added to the tension and the first open conflicts between strikers and police are noted. (Images from Manitobia and Tribune Archives.)

Tuesday, 10 June 1919 - The Chief goes, too

Chief Donald MacPherson, a 15-year veteran of the Winnipeg Police Department and chief since 1911, is ordered to take a three month administrative leave to allow for a new acting chief to 'reorganize'. MacPherson refuses and, as with the rest of his force, is dismissed.

Chief Constable Donald MacPherson

The official statement from the Police Commission:

The new acting chief Chris H. Newton is a 20-year member of the force and was deputy chief under MacPherson. According to a Winnipeg Free Press story he had been offered the position of chief in 1911 but declined, making way for MacPherson.

Chief Constable Chris H Newton

For more on the Winnipeg Police during the Strike.

Tuesday, 10 June 1919 - A few good men

The following ad is in today's Winnipeg Free Press. Note that you apply to the now deposed Chief Constable !

Despite the offer to re-hire police officers if thy denounce their association and refuse to ever strike, only 22 of the original members sign back onto the force. In the night a new force of special constables, referred to as "specials", are sworn in.

Tuesday, 10 June 1919 - The Newsstand

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