Saturday, June 27

Friday, 27 June 1919 - The Newsstand

The Western Labor News returns to the newsstand !

- Starts with a front page story detailing why the strike was called off. The majority of the Strike Committee felt that an absolute victory at this point was 'hopeless'.

- The paper appeals for funds to continue operating.

Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition

- Man accidentally shot during riot seeks restitution from city.

- In an editorial, they warn that there is 'still danger'.

- Streetcars are ready for service.

- It's expected that 180 of the 220 members of the police force will be reinstated. The other 40 are still being considered.

Manitoba Free Press

- Reports that while one committee has wound down ...

... the Citizens Committee is continuing it's work assisting other centres in the West still having labour disputes.