Friday, May 1

Thursday, 1 May 1919

The first edition of the One Big Union Bulletin is published by the "One Big Union Provincial Executive of Manitoba". It gives a rundown of what was happening in the OBU movement in other North America cities and reminds Winnipeg workers that:

Now that the ballots are being distributed in Manitoba, let every
member of organized labor see to it that he casts his vote in order that a true
expression of the ideas of the rank and file can be registered, and let it be a
glorious success for the One Big Union.

To read the full bulletin.
For background on the vote see March 13 entry

Thursday, 1 May 1919 - Construction Workers Set to Go

Just after midnight the results of the builders' trades strike vote is announced: 1,199 in favour to 74 against. At 8 a.m. approximately 1,400 construction workers walk off the job.

Streetcar workers also vote in favour to strike, (900 to 79), but for the time-being will remain on the job.

Thursday, 1 May 1919

Showing that good fortune can be had in a bad situation, Ryan Agency offers Strike and Riot insurance on the front page of the Manitoba Free Press !