Sunday, June 14

Saturday, 14 June 1919 - The Newsstand

Western Labor News for June 14
- More details on the resolution passed at last night's successful strike vote of the railway firemen and engineers locals. It was forwarded to the city today.

Winnipeg Citizen for June 14
- Interviews a 'mole' ! William Bathie, said to have been a strike committee 'insider' who left because revolution was at the bottom of the strike and that German money was funding it, speaks to The Citizen.

Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition for June 14
- The N.Y.-based Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen orders their members back to work. The Telegram has a copy of the memo sent to the local leadership. Their concern is that one city can disrupt existing agreements with rail companies across the continent.

(For more on some of the US rail fraternities of the day).