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Friday, 23 May 1919 - The Newsstand

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The following is an excerpt from the Toronto Daily Star on this day:

Outward Appearances Show No Sign Of Any Big Strike
Toronto Daily Star, 23 May 1919, W.R. Plewman

The strikers have gone pretty far and they have made some mistakes but they have not perpetrated Bolshevism.

The writer came to the city (Winnipeg) understanding that the Strike Committee of Five had inaugurated a reign of terror, preventing willing workers from serving their employers and the public and allowing only a few employers, who would submit to the humiliation of displaying signs "By permission of the Strike Committee" to carry on. It was that idea and the vision of impending Bolshevik horrors that drove nearly all the non-strikers into one camp and made virtually all those who are not manual workers enthusiastic supporters of the offensive now being waged by the Citizen's Committee. But the whole thing is a delusion and a figment of the imagination.

There is no Soviet. There was little or no terrorism.

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