Saturday, June 20

Friday, 20 June 1919

The Western Labor News carries the headline that some strike leaders have been released. The Telegram notes that it's only the 6 British-born men. They've been released on $2,000 bail, (about $26,000 in 2012 dollars), and a promise to remain 'inactive'.

In other news:

Western Labor News - Special Edition

- A reminder that The Strike is Still On ! "We've held out for five weeks. We can hold out a few days longer", (while negotiations take place - see Telegram).

- Returned soldiers' committee calls for a rally tomorrow at Market Square behind city hall to protest the way leaders were arrested. Isn't this what we fought against ?

- Though reports say that some sympathetic strikes, like the one in Vancouver, are starting to crack, new ones begin such as at the shipyards in Trois Rivieres Quebec.

The Winnipeg Citizen

- There is Greater Work to Do

The Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition

- In the late edition they proclaim that "Strike May End Withing 36 Hours" as negotiations begin today between metal workers and their employers.

- Prime Minister Borden explains in question period that the strike leaders will be tried by jury, not special committee. The only committee involved would be from Immigration who will deal with the foreign born leaders.