Wednesday, June 24

Tuesday , 24 June 1919 - The Newsstand

Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition

- Reports that the death toll is rising from the riots. Steve Schezerbanowicz, shot in the legs, has died from gangrene infection at General Hospital. From East Selkirk, Schezerbanowicz has been residing at 232 Lizzie Street during the strike.

There is also the story of Robert Murdock, a worker at the pumping plant, was severely beaten by a group of up to 30 men. He was found in Cecil Rhodes School yard and brought to General Hospital. The story references that this is not the first mass attack on a worker and implies that strikers may be behind it.

- Justice H.A. Robson is believed to be named to the commission looking into the causes of the strike,something that labour had asked for. Ottawa still stands frim on NOT dealing with the matter any further until the strike is called off.

- The editorial supports the "suppressing" of the Western labor News after seeing yesterday's edition. Many stories were printed merely to incite people intor rioting. They were even advertising illegal meetings !

The Western Star

Is the labour paper today after the Labor News was shut down. The below notice was sent and acting editor J.S. Woodworth, who was sitting in for the arrested Ivens, was himself arrested on Main Street near the McLaren Hotel.
- This is the final eddition that had them cut off.

- A defence fund has been created for those arrested.