Wednesday, May 27

Tuesday, 27 May 1919 - The Newsstand Grows

There's a new, old paper on the newsstands today: The Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition !

Though anti-strike, the paper is not just strike news. It's a smaller version of the regular Telegraph with local and international news, wire features, sports and entertainment. Just like the Winnipeg Free Press, which is also publishing again*.

Western Labor News
May 27, 1919

Winnipeg Citizen
May 27, 1919

Telegram Strike Edition for May 27, 1919. The first Editorial Page and the following full page ad - "first in a series":
*The Winnipeg Free Press also resumed publishing but it's archives are behind a subscription wall so I cannot link to them on a daily basis.

Today, though, they reported on the decision by city council to fire striking city workers. Notices to fill positions are to be readied. Strikers can reapply for their old jobs but would have to denounce the strike.

Tuesday, 27 May 1919

The scope of the strike widens as more cities take sympathetic strike votes.

It was also receiving increased international attention, written extensively in publications like the New York Times. Today's story (pdf):