Saturday, June 13

13 June 1919 - Railway Men Now Out

Due to international affiliations, some locals were asked not to strike by their umbrella organizations. In Winnipeg that included railway car men and typographers.

Today, the railway men split with their International Brotherhood and joined the general strike.

The New York Times reports:

Railroad men Now Out In Winnipeg; Nevertheless Mayor Gray Intimates Strike Settlement Is Coming Soon.

WINNIPEG, Jun 13 (NY Times) - Settlement of the Winnipeg strike this week was intimated this afternoon by Mayor Gray. When he was asked if the latest conciliation movement was succeeding he said: "I may have big news for you within twenty-four hours." (more - pdf)

Friday, 13 June 1919 - The Newsstand

Western Labor News for June 13, 1919
- A "Birdseye View" of the strike
- Labor gets wind that "ugly action" is contemplated to end the strike.

Winnipeg Citizen June 13, 1919
- Ominous headline reads An Awakening is Coming.

Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition
June 13, 1919
- An editorial says that the time has come to read the riot act now that blood has been shed:

Thursday, 12 June 1919 - The Newsstand

Western Labor News for June 12, 1919
- Rioting at Portage and Main. Mayor quoted as saying "By God, I'm responsible for law and order and I'll maintain it"

- An open letter from J.S. Woodsworth to Winnipeg labour. "In reality, this strike has nothing to do with Revolution. It is an attempt to meet a very pressing and immediate need....They are out for higher wages." 

Winnipeg Citizen for June 12, 1919

- Runs a Chicago Tribune Editorial that "Canada's sympathetic strike is losing ground"

Winnipeg Telegram for June 12, 1919
- Police move in to arrest one of the "aliens" involved in the Higgins and Main riot yesterday, the one that saw a constable shot. As the police were leading him to the paddy wagon a crowd intervened and the man set loose.