Saturday, June 13

Thursday, 12 June 1919 - The Newsstand

Western Labor News for June 12, 1919
- Rioting at Portage and Main. Mayor quoted as saying "By God, I'm responsible for law and order and I'll maintain it"

- An open letter from J.S. Woodsworth to Winnipeg labour. "In reality, this strike has nothing to do with Revolution. It is an attempt to meet a very pressing and immediate need....They are out for higher wages." 

Winnipeg Citizen for June 12, 1919

- Runs a Chicago Tribune Editorial that "Canada's sympathetic strike is losing ground"

Winnipeg Telegram for June 12, 1919
- Police move in to arrest one of the "aliens" involved in the Higgins and Main riot yesterday, the one that saw a constable shot. As the police were leading him to the paddy wagon a crowd intervened and the man set loose.

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