Saturday, May 16

May 16 - New York Times : Winnipeg is Tied Up

From the N.Y. Times:

Friday, 16 May 1919

Today's Western Labour News proudly proclaims: Workers Back Strikers to the Limit. General Strike Overwhelmingly Supported.

On the front page of today's Free Press is a quote from Thomas Roden, president of the Toronto branch of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association. He made the comments about the Winnipeg situation at their annual meeting which took place yesterday.:

  " In the matter of the present strike of the metal trades, no sensible man can possibly sympathize with their demands. The position of the metal workers is one of the most extraordinary positions' ever taken, and can only be taken by people who are desperate to obtain some demand which they know to be unjust.

"The demand for an 8-hour day is only a play upon the sentiment of the times. It is true some trades
have an 8-hours day. The printing trades have an 8-hour day, but it means a 48-hour week to them.
These people want a 44-hour week, although it may be suicidal to Canadian-industry."