Saturday, June 6

Friday, 6 June 1919 - Law and Order

Government leaders are putting into place new law and order provisions.

At a meeting in the premier's office yesterday that included Premier Norris, General Huntley Ketchen commander of military forces in Manitoba, Commissioner Aylesworth Perry of the NWMP and other authorities "plans were completed for the introduction of military rule in Winnipeg". Discussions also included having the military delivery of food to rural areas.


Ketchen is a tough-talker declaring that he will restore order. He feels that the current patchwork of regular police, volunteer police and special constables is not ideal for keeping order and that there are "too many mistakes are being made" and that mistakes could cost lives.

After yesterday's declaration by Mayor Gray forbidding mass gatherings, it is noted that the Specials are ready to break up street parades. When it was rumoured that a march might be called for today a Telegraph reporter quotes the mayor as saying "Tell the O.C. to have all of his mean ready and the mounted police in their saddles".

A parade never materialized.