Tuesday, June 2

Monday, 2 June 1919 - The Newsstand

Western Labor News June 2, 1919
- Appear buoyed by the veteran strikers
-Today's meetings

Winnipeg Citizen June 2, 1919
- An angry story entitled "They shall be known by their acts" takes up the entire front page, lashing out at the labour movement, including strikers and the Labor News.

Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition June 2, 1919
- Report that 10,000 veteran strikers converged on the Legislature this morning to visit Premier Norris. Led by A.E. Bray they present a petition to Norris demanding: compulsive collective bargaining; withdrawal of ultimatum to Winnipeg Police Force (to return and swear never to participate in a strike); the reinstatement of all provincial workers without discrimination. If he fails to meet these demands, they will call on the government to resign.

- Report that mass meetings and marches are becoming more unruly and "requires only one fool" within the crowd to trigger violence.