Tuesday, June 9

9 June 1919 - Out With the Force

Tempers have been simmering at city hall over the police force.

Officials fear that the unionized police force may walk out in sympathy with the general strike. The addition of special constables and federal police to city streets has caused tensions between forces.

The Police Commission refused to deal with the police union and issued an ultimatum: that members of the force must sign a declaration renouncing their union membership and that they will not participate in a general strike. The members wouldn't sign the declaration and, as a result, the entire 277 member Winnipeg Police Force is fired by Resolution of Dismissal passed by council today:

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Monday, 9 June 1919 - The Newsstand

Western Labor News for June 9, 1919
- The "Greatest meeting ever held" in Winnipeg last night as Woodsworth addresses 10,000 at Victoria Park.

Winnipeg Citizen for June 9, 1919
- Under the headline "The Winnipeg Revolutionary Strike" a full 12 pages of text outlining the Citizens' position on the strike.

Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition for June 9, 1919
- Premier Norris' Cabinet calls for the Alien Act to be passed by parliament to deal with the "foreign agitator and alien enemy of Canada"
- The Walker Theatre closes for June due to the stage hand strike.
- More want ads appear looking for replacement workers.