Thursday, June 11

Wednesday, 11 June 1919 - The Newsstand

The papers are all about last night's rioting...

Western Labor News for June 11

Winnipeg Citizen for June 11
- Last night saw "A Riot Born of Revolution"

Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition for June 11

- A Telegram reader upset by 'bohunk' riots:

A school lesson on Fred Coppins' injuries can be found here in pdf. It includes excerpts from newspaper reports.

The New York Times for June 11
- "Riot and violence broke loose on the streets of Winnipeg today. For three hours the strikers fought a pitched battle with the special constabulary in the heart of the city, at Main Street and Portage Avenue, while from windows and roofs of office buildings for three blocks Winnipeg looked on". (full article in pdf)

Wednesday, 11 June 1919 - Riot and Proclamation

The proclamation was issued after a riot last night.

A number of people were hurt including recently returned V.C. Frederick Coppins, acting as a special mounted constable. It's hard to tell what exacly happened from reading the newspapers (also see today's Newsstand).

A Telegram article says that he was both "...dragged from his horse by aliens who started murderously kicking him" but two paragraphs further down "... as he was turning, the horse stumbled and fell, throwing Coppins" and then he was beaten.

As for his condition, The Citizen reports that he is dying in hospital and that "He was not expected to make it until morning". The Telegram is more upbeat "Unless complications set it doctors hold out hope for his recovery".

The Citizens' Committee have this ad about Coppins in today's Telegram:

Another Special Constable injured is T.S. Morrison of Ruby Street who is recovering in General Hospital from a gunshot wound to the leg. The Telegram says that a man driving by Higgins and Main came across a scuffle between a crowd and constables. He pulled over and shot with the intent to stop the fight and protect the officers. Accounts say that teh fighting did stop !

One of the three 'Austrian aliens' involved in the brawl with offiers was beaten with police batons "having his head severely damaged".