Thursday, June 25

Arrest Watch - 25 June 1919

Over the course of the strike a number of arrests were made. The two main batches were on June 17/18 and June 21/22. The proceedings of these trial will be followed daily along with other events.

A summary of all those arrested will appear here in a couple of days.

For June 25:

Manitoba Free Press

Wednesday, 25 June 1919 - The Newsstand

Today's official labour paper is The Enlightener and the Front Page says it all:
The Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition
- On their front page calls the strike "a miserable failure"

Then spend a bit of time correcting items from yesterday:

- Norris publicly denies that a strike commission, as reported yesterday.
- Justice Robson denies knowledge that he has been appointed to the commission

Winnipeg Free Press
Is a little less angry-sounding in their main editorial. They call it a waste of one of the nicest summers in memory and:

"...if the citizens - all the citizens - of this town could get a human view of each other, if they could see the children swelter and suffer because of adult foolishness and wrongheadedness - the citizens of Winnipeg might agree to damn the strike and abolish it forthwith"

Wednesday, 25 June 1919 - Western Impact

With the announcement of the end of the Winnipeg General Strike, sympathetic strikes in Winnipeg began to loose steam.

In Saskatoon and Victoria they are waiting for official word. Edmonton would call their strike off for June 27th. Calgary's had already begun to peter out and ended last night. Brandon tried to keep it going with another strike vote tomorrow but by the end of June they, too, ran out of steam.

Free Press June 25 1919