Thursday, June 25

Wednesday, 25 June 1919 - The Newsstand

Today's official labour paper is The Enlightener and the Front Page says it all:
The Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition
- On their front page calls the strike "a miserable failure"

Then spend a bit of time correcting items from yesterday:

- Norris publicly denies that a strike commission, as reported yesterday.
- Justice Robson denies knowledge that he has been appointed to the commission

Winnipeg Free Press
Is a little less angry-sounding in their main editorial. They call it a waste of one of the nicest summers in memory and:

"...if the citizens - all the citizens - of this town could get a human view of each other, if they could see the children swelter and suffer because of adult foolishness and wrongheadedness - the citizens of Winnipeg might agree to damn the strike and abolish it forthwith"

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