Wednesday, May 20

"Permitted by Authority of Strike Committee"

A symbol of the strike that angered the Citizens' Committee of 1000 was the "By Authority of the Strike Committee" permit cards issued by the Strike Committee to those doing what they deemed "essential services".

In speeches and interviews the "1000" denounced the signs. Here is how they felt, from the pages of their own newspaper:

Tuesday, 20 May 1919 - Brandon's Sympathetic Strike Growing

Brandon workers chose May 20 as the day for a sympathetic strike.

Yesterday 125 CP workers walked off the job, today 100 CN rail workers left. Many more are expected as the days go by.

Workers at Brandon Implement and Machinery c 1913

Brandon Strike Resources:
- Brandon, 1919: Labour and Industrial Relations in the Wheat City in the Year of the General Strike
- Let us rise! : a history of the Manitoba labour movement

Tuesday, 20 May 1919 - The Newsstand

Western Labor News May 20, 1919

Winnipeg Citizen May 20, 1919