Thursday, June 18

Wednesday, 18 June 1919 - The Arrested

William Plewman, Toronto Star reporter, asks J.S. Woodsworth for his opinion shortly after the arrests: “It is a stupid, high-handed move. Already the workers feel that the Government is not truly representative, that it represents only a section and not all the community.”

Plewman:“Will the strike collapse now that the leaders are removed?

Woodsworth: “Not at all. The Government can’t arrest thirty-five thousand strikers..." (source)

MB Archives. Source

In all, ten were arrested for "seditious utterances":

R.B. Russell - Secretary of the Metals Trade Council

Rev. Bill Ivens - Editor of the Western Labour News
John Queen - Alderman, City of Winnipeg
A. A. Heaps - Alderman, City of Winnipeg
George Armstrong - Building Trades Council

R.E. Bray - organizer, returned soldiers demonstrations
Moses Charitinoff - Editor, Ukrainian socialist newspaper

Moses (Solomon) Almazoff - Student, editor of radical newspaper

Mike Berenzuk - Labour organizer

Oscar Schoppelrie - Labour organizer

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