Wednesday, June 3

Tuesday, 3 June 1919 - Marches Get Larger

The daily parade of veterans to the Legislature continue:

On June 3 a parade formed again in Market Square, just behind the City Hall, but soon returned to nearby Victoria Park, where Roger E. Bray, a socialist who had become the spokesman for the returned soldiers, announced that the soldiers had met with the Premier also with unsatisfactory results.

As reported in the New York Times:

Premier Norris of Manitoba and his Cabinet were publicly called on to resign by speakers of the delegation of returned soldiers, strikers, and strike sympathizers, who took possession of the Provincial Legislative Chamber today for the third time

One paragraph in that article mentions that the protesters tore down the sign out front of the Board of Trade building:

Some fear, as mentioned in the Telegram's editorial yesterday, that as the crowds grow well into the thousands and the temperatures soar over 30 degrees that the "one fool" needed to start violence will be easier to come by.

Protesters outside Board of Trade Building, Main Street
Library and archives Canada ID 21834

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