Friday, June 5

Thursday, 5 June 1919 - The Newsstand

Western Labor News

- Today's big news, of course, is the endorsement of the Great War Veterans' Association for the strike.

- Reporting on Tuesday night's Strike Committee meeting, this interesting bit: "The time has come when the strike must be taken out of the hands of Winnipeg alone" as it now involves "the whole Dominion" and negotiations with Ottawa

Winnipeg Citizen

- Accuses the Strike Committee of "An attempt at wilful murder". It stems from minutes they obtained from a strike subcommittee explaining why, in part, the committee dropped the "Permitted by Authority of..." card system for milk delivery and are now allowing the city to set up milk depots. "Their action was upon the point of killing babies" the story accuses.

- This small notification also appears:

Telegram Strike Edition

- Has the first major report of physical violence so far. Most takes place as pro and anit returned solders marches meet near city hall. "Rioting and street fighting ran rampant in Winnipeg today for over an hour" the Telegram reports. No serious injuries were reporte. Eight arrests were made.

- More on the milk and bread depots being set up by the city. The Telgram interprets it as a sign that the strike may be ending.

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