Sunday, June 21

Saturday, 21 June 1919 - The Morning Newsstand

Tension is high today.

This morning there is a lot of talk about today's big rally by veterans outside city hall. They're protesting a number of things, including the arrest of strike leaders and demand the return of the regular police force and posties, both of whom have been fired en mass.

The mayor has reminded them that such rallies are prohibited and that they take part at their own risk.

The Telegram says on its front page that Serious Turmoil This Afternoon Almost Certain.

Western Labor News

- More on the arrest of the strike leaders.

Winnipeg Citizen - No edition today

Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition

- Strike Committee demands release of foreigh born leaders.

Winnipeg Free Press

- Gives the sense that there is an end to the strike coming soon:

Their editorial for today begins:

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