Friday, June 5

Friday, 6 June 1919 - The Newsstand

Western Labor News
- Today's front page shows how large, and eventful, the marches are becoming. One story is of tells of "Ten Thousand Marchers" and that a "clash" was narrowly averted.
- Another story openly accuses the Committee of 1000 of having "armed thugs" watching the marches ready to cause trouble in the crowd. It tells of one such man being arrested and the mayor chasing the paddy-wagon down Main street demanding that the man be released from custody. A scuffle ensues when the Mayor leaves his car.

The front page also carries this notice for strikers:

Winnipeg Citizen
- Again uses the "child murderer" tag to describe the Strike Committee, accusing them of wooing dairy workers to consider strike action just days after a 'truce' was reached allowing the delivery of milk to resume.

- They, too, tell the story of the Mayor intervening in the arrest of an armed man on Main Street. Apparently, the man was a federal officer.

Winnipeg Telegram Strike Edition
- Carries the headline "Mayor Gray is Assaulted", also recounting the arrest story.

- One of the strike's prominent women leaders, Helen Armstrong, appeared in court today after an altercation between strikers and newsies.
- Today's editorial "The Influx of Undesirables" says that the increasing unrest of the marches is attracting "professional agitators and crooks" from across the country to Winnipeg. The "riff-raff" of various vices are coming because they know there is no police force in place.

The New York Times
- "Winnipeg Quieter with Soldiers' Aid"
The strengthening of Winnipeg's police force by 1,000 war veterans as special constables caused an increase in minor strike disturbances today. There were personal encounters but no serious demonstrations occurred.

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