Monday, June 22

Bloody Saturday - The Fallout

- The immediate aftermath was nearly 100 arrests (this partial list from Manitoba Free Press 23 June 1919):

This is a list of those injured enough to be admitted to General Hospital (Telegram, 23 June). The lone immediate death was that of Mike Skodelik (later identified as Mike Sokolowski) of Henry Avenue. Steve Schezerbanowes of East Selkirk who was shot in the legs would die days later from infection.

- Minister Robertson declares that the Federal government will not resume negotiations until the strike is called off. He also distances the feds from what took place: "It was purely an action of the provincial and civic authorities" he tells the Telegram.

- Streetcar service was called off after the riot in what the Telegram called a "grim mistake" as it shows a sign of weakness.

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