Sunday, May 31

Saturday, 31 May 1919 - Moose Jaw

May 31, 1919 - A member of the executive of the Citizens' Committee of One Thousand delivers an address in Moose Jaw, a city in the midst of its own sympathetic general strike. The discussion was about the inner workings of the "1000" - how it was established and why.

He reiterated that the main purpose of the committee was to keep essential services going, he certainly does not hide his disdain for the strikers and the strike committee:

Above: A transcript of the speech was published as "An address on the subject of the Winnipeg strike, May-June, 1919: Delivered by a member of the Citizens' Committee of One Thousand to a deputation of citizens from Moose Jaw, Sask.: With especial reference to the enunciation therein contained upon the principles of 'collective bargaining'". Full text.

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