Friday, May 22

Thursday, 22 May 1919 - The Newsstand

Western Labor News May 22, 1919

- Repeals the need for "those cards":

Winnipeg Citizen
May 22, 1919

- Claims moral victory in strike card issue:

- Examines the One Big Union vote workers will be taking later in the summer. Concludes that it "...proves there is a revolutionary movement on..." and that "...unless Winnipeg throttles this general strike idea right here an now, Winnipeg herself will be throttled again on July 1st."
The Alberta Non-Partisan editorializes How the Might Have Fallen, referring to the major daily newspapers which, to date, have not yet resumed publishing. It muses that it dismisses the popular myth "...that Labour can get along without capital but that Capital cannot get along without Labour".

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