Wednesday, April 1

April 1

As labour's militancy grew, so did the suspicions of government.

The federal government had the The Royal North-West Mounted Police involved in espionage:

" April, 1919 the R.N.W.M.P. had organized a highly successful undercover intelligence operation in western Canada. Secret agents and detectives had managed to penetrate every important radical union and political party. Some of them had acquired the confidence of union leaders. Their reports gave a detailed account of the activities of the radicals, their plans, speeches and movements. These were carefully scrutinized at the C.I.B. office in Regina and forwarded to Ottawa for the information of Rowell [the president of the Privy Council, and Minister in charge of the R.N.W.M.P.] and other cabinet ministers. The government was being fully informed, as it had requested."

Quote from S.W. Horrall and quoted in Canadian National Security: Legislations vs. Practices 1919-1946 by J. Bennet

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